// Happy 2014!//

Happy New Year! 2013 was a milestone year for me on a personal and professional level, and I couldn’t be more excited for 2014. It started with working with the incredible french director Bertrand Tavanier on Quai D’Orsay, a trip to China that led me to a meditation retreat / water fast which led me eventually to a road trip down to Los Angeles, this time for good. LA has brought many new friends and reunions with old ones. No Ordinary Hero was my first feature film in LA and one of my favorite films I’ve been on so far. 

Creatively, we wrapped up Khaled Dajani’s animated music video “Mad World” with my dear friend Nolan James, directed the pilot and a few episodes of a new webseries called Seeking and was able to work in Chicago with metal band, Dope. I was also lucky enough to reunite with old NYU friends who are currently studying at the prestigious American Film Institute. I production managed and coordinated a few shorts and have met truly talented producers and directors along the way. I recently wrapped A Daughter of These Hills (producer Michael Steiner) and Fearless (producer dawn deVoe) and although they both kicked my ass, it was a wonderful experience. 

One of my first major accomplishments in 2014 already was submitting to AFI’s Directing Workshop for Women. I did not get in last year and eagerly reapplied with a new script, new letters of recommendations and new director’s reel. I’ve grown significantly as a writer and filmmaker this year, and I think it truly shows in this year’s application. Crossing fingers for this potential experience! Enjoy the reel and send good vibes!


// Throwsbacks to SEEKING and a step into Metal//

I recently dug up a series of old, videos from film school. In one of those hard drives, there was a behind the scenes video of the making of “Heroes or Ghosts” with The Coronas. I was 20 years old, in Ireland, directing a professional music video for one of the hottest bands in the country. I was so fortunate then, and even more fortunate now to have that video be apart of our repertoire. Here’s the link for you guys to check it out:

SEEKING the Series has been going strong in post-production. It’s been so much fun collaborating with Ronit and Adam Bonsib (our amazing LA-based editor) and it’s been hilarious to watch these episodes unfold. My favorite episode so far has got to be “I Glued You (A Bluegrass Nightmare). Watch it here:

FINALLY, I had the amazing opportunity to co-direct and produce a video for legendary metal band, DOPE. I worked side-by-side with Edsel Dope, the leadsinger and mastermind behind the band. I flew to Chicago with cinematographer Johnny Ching, and we spent a few days in a warehouse/art/recording studio space and shot the video. We shot some extremely dark, edgy, artful footage that will sure be a positive controversy within the metal community. THANKS to one of my mentors, Dale Resteghini (RAGE) and producer Niv Gat for sending this project my way!. Here’s a sneak peak of what’s to come:

In writing + developing news, I finished a first draft of SOLID STATE, a dramatic love story with two musicians trying to find one another while trying to conquer the music scene. I’m also still taking the right steps in polishing MAGIC HOUR, the musical that’s been in my head for the last few years. And co-writing a new webseries with the ever-so-talented David Harry Yoon that will sure stir up racy news in the hot pot of current social culture. I recently started an internship with friends at Ambush Entertainment, while working as a retail sales associate/ office manager at Native Boutique on Franklin Ave. This week I was lucky enough to attend several fashion shows as part of LA Fashion Week. Some new photos are up fashion shoots for Native with the lovely, Jenelle Kunz

It’s been a crazy 7 months in Los Angeles, and while grocery shopping today with flip flops and shorts on, I’m so damn happy to be here.

xx R

// @SeekingSeries //

This past month, I was lucky to have the opportunity to direct 6 episodes of a new comedy dating series called “Seeking”. The show was created by the hilariously talented Ronit Aranoff. I flew back to NYC for the very quick 5 day shoot (yes, 6 episodes, in 5 days, it was insane) and met some seriously talented individuals. It was so much fun working with the cast and crew. We laughed our bellies off and I think we all feel confident that our show will make you laugh as well. 

The show is looking for some extra funding for post-production, and we’ve launched an IndieGoGo Campaign: 


Take a click, check out the super funny video and contribute if you can!

Looking forward to sharing the episodes with the world!

Interview w/RiffRaf

Had such a stellar time working with Nolan James and Khaled Dajani on this video. Super proud of the entire team that’s pushing this music video out into the world. Thanks to Richard Fulco at RiffRaf for posting this interview!

// Lucky to be living, Lucky to be dreaming, Lucky to be screening in LA!!//

Timing is everything, right? I’ve been in LA for a week now, and the LA Indie Film Festival announcement happened just a few days ago. So entirely excited and lucky to be where I am today. And it’s 80 degrees outside. 

Here are the dirty deets on “Floria’s Sunday” West Coast premiere screening:

March 17th, 3:30 pm, Shorts Program 4

Let Live Theatre: 916 N. Formosa Ave. in West Hollywood.

Tickets can be purchased online at a discounted price: http://laindiefilmfest.com/tickets, or you can show up at the door and buy them for $13. 

And here’s a cool flyer to copy/share with your friends!

// "Floria’s Sunday" West Coast Premiere @LA Indie Film Festival//

Sunday, March 17th, 3:30pm 

Let Live Theatre, West Hollywood.

Guinness + Whiskey to follow. 

Floria’s Sunday

winter teaser trailer


Quebec City, Quebec

Quebec City, Quebec

// Cali-forn-I-A//

There was never a dull moment exploring a new city and meeting new friends while reuniting with old ones. This trip confirmed the inevitable move that will be in the works in the next few months and this trip confirmed my LIFE GOALS that were always floating around. Many many thanks to my amazing friends who have invited me into their lives this past week. Thanks for the Sonoma Wanderlust, the Joe Cocker experience, the Bro-evaluations and the Roosevelt nights. Next time I’ll be here, it won’t be a “vacation” so no more overeating. See you soon xx

Because I’ve always really wanted to live in the 1950s. Still shot from Chevy spec “Technology Kids” and messed around with Pixl. 

Because I’ve always really wanted to live in the 1950s. Still shot from Chevy spec “Technology Kids” and messed around with Pixl.